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The Players


Learn who the people are involved in James Frank MacArthur’s case.

James Frank MacArthur


  • Independent journalist and radio show host known as the Baltimore Spectator.
  • Imprisoned over an old warrant by swat team surrounding his house
  • Denied bail and visitors


Ian Duncan

  • Baltimore Sun Journalist

Justin Fenton

  • Baltimore Sun reporter and journalist.

Justin George

  • Baltimore Sun Journalist


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake

  • The mayor of Baltimore City

Governor O’Malley

  • The governor of Maryland.


Officer John Berry

  • Police officer who arrested James Frank MacArthur in 2008 when MacArthur called 911 to report a car robbery involving his car.   MacArthur was carrying a rifle for which he was arrested on charges of carrying unlawful firearm.

Frederick Bealefeld

  • Former Police Commissioner of Baltimore City.

Officer K. Rodriguez

  • A police officer in the south district of Baltimore City.  MacArthur filed a complaint against Rodriguez for harassment and wrote about the incident on his website.

Officer William Torbit

  • A police officer shot by other police officers in Baltimore.  MacArthur investigated and wrote about his shooting.

The Legal System

Judge Marcus Z. Shar

  • Issued warrant for MacArthur’s arrest

Judge Lynn K. Stewart

  • Presided over MacArthur’s court hearing on December 28.  She ruled at MacArthur was a “threat to society” and denied bail.

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