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James MacArthur’s Febuary 8th Court Date

A new event has been setup on Facebook for James MacArthur’s Febuary 8th court date.



Updated information on upcoming MacArthur court dates

Here are newly updated MacArthur court dates thanks to the Friends of MacArthur Facebook page:
February 1 – Bail hearing February 1
February 8 – Probation violation hearing (this event page)
March 11 – Arraignment March 11.

Help provide funding for James MacArthur’s case

A fundraiser is still in operation for anyone wishing to donate funds to James MacArthur’s defense and case.

Next Circuit Court Date for MacArthur Feb 8

The next circuit court hearing involving MacArthur’s case will be on February 8th, 2013.  The hearing will be at 9:30 am in room 203. 

James Frank MacArthur writes from jail

A surprise post by MacArthur made its way onto a blog.  MacArthur states that more will be following. 

People can write to MacArthur at this address:

300 East Madison Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

File a complaint against Judge Lynn K Stewart

Consider filing a complaint against Judge Lynn K Stewart for the negative treatment of James Frank MacArthur.  The complaint process can be viewed at


News Article: Informed and Dangerous: Why is A. F. James MacArthur in jail?

A comprehensive article has just been released on Independent Reader about the case of A. F. James MacArthur.    The article offers perhaps the most extensive background information on the case, James Frank MacArthur, and the police.