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Who is James Frank MacArthur?


James Frank MacArthur, known as the Baltimore Spectator, who reported on crime, police activities, current events, politics, and protest actions.  For several years he reported from police scenes, city government offices, and in the neighborhoods of Baltimore.  His reporting revealed police corruption, acts of misconduct, government harassment, political miscalculations, and a general failure of the city government.   As a reporter, he started an online radio show, created a website, and drew thousands of listeners to his reports.

The Arrest

On December 1st, MacArthur was arrested for an outstanding warrant for missing a hearing date during a previous year.    The police decided he was a danger to society after he tweeted his anger, outrage, and spontaneity of spoken words against the police and the city.   A full swat team was sent to his house along with a police detective.   Over the course of several hours, MacArthur broadcasted live from his home.  Listeners could hear his reporting while readers could see his tweets as the police negotiated with him.   Fearing for his health and life, MacArthur believed he might be shot.   Finally he agreed to leave his house to be arrested.   After he was taken into custody, the police searched his house without permission, causing damage, breaking a window from the inside, and just happen to find a sawed off shotgun.   MacArthur was then charged with the possession of a firearm.

His Incarceration

MacArthur was taken to central booking where he was denied bail and visitors.   Friends, family, and followers were unable to talk to or inquire about MacArthur.   Finally on December 28, he was brought before a judge where he was officially designated a threat to society.  Denied bail, he continues to await trial.  On March 11, 2013, he pleaded not guilty and has a court date set for May 8, 2013.

To read more about James MacArthur, read the article – Informed and Dangerous: Why is A. F. James MacArthur in jail? on the Independent Reader website.


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