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Frank James MacArthur & Our Constitutional Rights

A terrible injustice has been done, and continues to be done to a man, by a local police department and a local prosecutor for two reasons: because they can, and because no one has been willing to do the work necessary to force the police and the prosecutor to produce evidence that justifies denial of bail. That means that the district court judge(s) also are complicit in an informal courthouse agreement where the law enforcement arm of government “suggests” appropriate action to a judge, who readily accepts it because doing so make the judge appear to be on the side of public safety and caution, and also a supporter of the police.



Help Support the MacArthur Fund

A special fund has been setup  through Give Forward.  The fund can be found on the Free MacArthur page.  So far over $500 has been given and more is needed for his defense and expenses.

Free MacArthur Fund

Help support James MacArthur his with court and defense expenses.

New Baltimore Sun Blog Post about MacArthur

A reporter wrote a blog post about the March 11 arraignment on the Baltimore Sun Blogger.  Check out the post “Baltimore Spectator blogger pleads not guilty; awaits May trial“.  While the post conveys some of the details from the case, it also reuses a less flattering photo of MacArthur.

A new article about James MacArthur from PR Web

In the article “Experienced Baltimore Lawyer Mark Van Bavel Announces Representation of Apollos Frank James MacArthur AKA The Baltimore Spectator“,  an update has been posted about James MacArthur’s upcoming trial on May 8th in Baltimore City.


James MacArthur’s Court Hearing May 8

James MacArthur has a court day and has stated his plea of not guilty.   His court day is set for May 8 and now he has legal representation.

Update: James MacArthur’s Arraignment Hearing March 11

On March 11, James MacArthur had an arraignment hearing in Baltimore City.  He was given a court date and denied reasonable bail again.  Send him support with letters to his address in prison and spread the word about his predicament.

Banned from City Hall: Spectator Weighs In

Police arrested activist Kim Trueheart at Baltimore City Hall in January, saying she had been “banned” for disruptive behavior. We forwarded the news to AF James MacArthur. Here’s what he wrote back: